África Park Aventure (Lac de Ma Vallée)

img_3784As of October 2016, Lac de Ma Vallée has transformed into an outdoor adventure park! This place is honestly amazing and pretty great for all ages. We arrived early, around 9am, which was perfect. We did not have to wait in line for any of the activities, which seem to form later in the day. It was just a blast. We raced each other in the treetops park (which is an obstacle course 20 feet up) as well as took turns on the Playclimb and zip line. It was very well-established, with the employees making sure we were following safety protocol each step of the way. The only drawback was that a sit down restaurant was the only option for food. It took forever to order and get the food, which prevented us from doing any other activities. I’d bring my own food next time, but could definitely envision going back many times. The activities available at this park are:

  • Treetops Park: This is an obstacle course where you are jumping through hoops or walking on a bridge from tree to tree (you are in a harness which you safely attach to the sturdy ropes). As of December 2016, the “easy” obstacle course was open, and they were working on a more difficult course.
  • Archery
  • Kayaking, peddle boating or taking an inflatable bubble on the lake
  • Biking around the lake (or walking)
  • Empty jump – This was a free fall (while attached to a rope) with about a 15 foot drop
  • Zip lining – There were two zip lines connecting the two sides of the lake
  • PlayClimb – You climb up a tree with indoor climbing holds attached. As of December 2016, the “easy” tree climb was available, and they were working on a harder version.



What to Bring: Snacks, sunscreen, water. Each activity costs money, and they offer package deals. You can choose three activities for $40. Walking around the lake is free.

When to Go: Anytime.

How to Get There: The Facebook page has a map you can use.

Travel Time: 45 minutes to one hour. There is often traffic at UPN.

Risk Assessment: Follow the guidance and you will be fine. You have the employees watching you very carefully and directing you how to safely attach your harness to the ropes. In some of the activities, like zip lining, they do it for you.



+243 829 900 009





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