Welcome to the Bucket List for the Democratic Republic of Congo! We are a bunch of adventurers who refuse to let shortage of cars, lack of a strong tourism infrastructure, and all-around Congo Crazy stop us from exploring and discovering the wonders of this amazing country.  For your benefit, we have split up the website in a few ways:

How long do you have? Do you want to travel for a day or do you want to go on an overnight trip?

What must you do first? Are you here for 1 month, 6 months, or longer? These are the things we think you MUST do, and others which you can do if you have more time.

And then, we even have some options for some things you must add to your bucket list in Kinshasa itself, especially for those busy weekends.

Bios of Contributors:

Crazy #1

???????????????????????????????Despite adventures leading to falling in waist deep mud, destroying her skin wading through 2 meter high grass, being attacked by acid bugs, and contracting chikungunya, Becca never lost her adventuring spirit in Congo.  Her students may have looked at her wounds Monday mornings with increasingly quizzical stares after a weekend of craziness, but once an adventurer always an adventurer.  She’ll probably experience flashbacks in her treks through the jungles of Connecticut.

Crazy #2

DSCN6784James moved to Kinshasa with Crazy #1 because jobs were to be had and the allure of Congo was too hard to resist.  Congo did not disappoint.  She was always ready to give you just a little more than you asked for.  After three years of adventures of increasing intensity, he has retired to a life of leisure in America.  But when he dreams, he dreams of fast moving water, hidden snakes, aging architecture, and some of the best people on the planet.  

Crazy #3

See how spiffy I look?Moving to Kinshasa after a lifetime of adventures and discoveries around the world, it was only a matter of time before the itch to get out of Gombe began. Fortunately, Azadeh found fellow adventurers and was able to get out of Kinshasa often to see what else the country, or at least Bas-Congo and Kinshasa provinces, had to offer.  Even though Crazy #1 and Crazy #2, two of her fellow partners-in-crime left the Congo, she’s going to continue crossing things off her bucket list.  Because if left too long in Kinshasa, ridiculous antics like posing with flack jackets and blue helmets occur.

Crazy #4

Crazy #4 PicAfter hearing about Congo Bucket List a few months before moving to the Congo, Amanda started checking the boxes pretty early on with the many fellow adventurers around Kinshasa. With two years ahead and many more weekends to look forward to, she is set to finding other exciting places throughout this beautiful country. The most lofty goal will be to catch a tiger fish.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys – I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sona Bata (90 KM west of Kinshasa, or Keen-sahs, as it was called by the Zairois) from ’73 to ’75, when we were authentique. It’s wonderful to read about your adventures and compare them to mine and those of my friend PCVs while we were there.

    • Hi Tina! That’s amazing! I know a number of people who were PCV back then, there seem to have been many great experiences. I’d love to hear about your adventures from back then and if you have any suggestions of places to visit that may have fallen off the adventure map but are worth the trip 🙂

    • Hi Tina and CongoBucketList–
      I remember you; I was PCV at the same time, working in Equateur on the bank of the Lulonga River between Mbandaka and Basankuku. I made two trips on the Congo, and saw all the River between Lisala and Kinshasa. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera then and my mental images of the trip are fading. Is a Congo River trip feasible these days? I fantasize about it sometimes. I’m based in NYC now and have seen Willet several times in recent years.

  2. Hi!
    I am working on a project for creating a website for expats in kinshasa and would like to list your blog among one of the best to follow.
    The website is still under construction and suggestions are welcomed.

  3. Hi,
    Really great blog. I am was wondering if I could use your Henry Stanley fallen statue image that you feature on your blog for my University of Leeds history thesis. Please let me know if it is possible. If permitted I would of course attribute the site as my source.
    My email is : hy11fs@leeds.ac.uk

  4. Hi, would like to contact Rebecca because I am interested in using the photo of HM Stanley statue for an art project, and if possible, what would be the conditions or fees, thanks

  5. I’m an American teacher (male) visiting Kinshasa on Sunday for 6 days. Everyone here in NY is warning me about everything but this is my 40th country (5th in Africa) and I’ve got my shots, my Malarone, my money belt and everything. Your site has been indispensable for me in the 2 years it’s taken me to plan this trip. I’m hiring Michel Van Roten of Go Congo as my guide for the entire trip, staying in Kin and Mangengenge village. Do you have any basic advice for me before I leave?

    • Hey! That’s great to hear about how much our site has helped you with planning. No real advice beyond what’s in this blog, except do make sure to try the delicious BBQ chicken, have lots of pili pili, enjoy the live music and art, and have a great time! It is not the safest place in the world, but as long as you’re smart and aware of where you’re going, you should be fine. Bon voyage!

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